Saturday, November 2, 2013

Height of Irresponsibility !

     While inaugurating the One Day fast organised by the NFTE-BSNL at Chennai on 30-10-13 , I blamed the BSNLEU for the denial  of Bonus to our employees as that union meekly accepted the argument of the management that no Bonus could be paid since the company is not earning profit.
 Pricked and hurt by my accusation, Com.Abhimanyu, the GS of BSNLEU  has written in the official web site of the BSNLEU a counter with the Heading "
                                     Bonus issue - NFTE BSNL's escape route.   
On reading the same, I was shocked to note the  utter irresponsibility and insensitivity  of the the General Secretary of BSNLEU on the crucial issue of Bonus.
Everyone in BSNL knew pretty well that only due to the management's trick which was unchallenged and meekly accepted by the then only recognized union, the BSNLEU that
our employees have lost bonus for the past several years.
The formula of no Profit- No bonus is wrong and contradicts our cherished slogan  : Bonus is a Deferred Wage
It is true that NFTE-BSNL assured the employees during the campaign for the 6th Verification to implement 78.2 % IDA Merger and ensure at least minimum bonus in the event of getting Recognised Status.
   Unfortunately  NFTE-BSNL has been recognized only as the Second Recognized Union because of which the Post of the Secretary, Staff side at all levels has gone to BSNLEU.
However, NFTE-BSNL  tried honestly and unitedly and achieved the implementation of the 78.2 % IDA Merger  within 90 days of getting the recognized Status.
In the same way , we tried our level best to have a united struggle on Bonus issue. But Com.Abhimanyu and his friends were on a different wave length. They were mortally afraid of our employees getting bonus this year, since the credit may go to NFTE-BSNL, as in the case of 78.2 % IDA Merger.
 Hence, they fully collaborated with the  management and withdrew the strike on 24-10-13 without any tangible settlement particularly on Bonus issue.
 Our apprehensions  were proved  correct on 29-10-13 when Com.Abhimanyu addressed a Hall meeting of the BSNLEU Circle union in  Chennai. We have most reliable information about  his speech in the meeting wherein he has spoken thus:
" Hereafter bonus will not be paid to our employees since the company is running on loss of several crores of rupees. It will be difficult  for the company to pay even the monthly salary to our employees in future"
Having spoken like this in the Hall meeting , with  what moral authority Com. Abhimanyu blames NFTE-BSNL for the failure to achieve bonus issue.
  We wish to pose the following straight questions to com.Abhimanyu, for which he may not reply at all .

1. If the financial position of BSNL is so, why BSNLEU served a strike notice including the issue of BONUS  at the first instance.
2. Can he declare openly/publicly that hereafter Bonus could not be paid to our employees.

Our employees are watching every move of the BSNLEU and its double talk on bonus.
They also are aware that   it has not negotiated the bonus issue with the management although the issue of Bonus was notified in the Strike notice.

We know match-Fixing  in Cricket ; 
Now only we came to know that 
             BSNLEU could achieve even Strike-Fixing          


                                                                    Dy.General Secretary,

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